D Community – Quick Start

D Community is a Child of the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. You will need to have Divi installed for it to work. If you are not a member of Elegant Themes you can JOIN HERE >


  1. Login to your Elegant Themes account and download Divi.

2. In your WordPress admin area got to APPEARANCE > THEMES and then upload the divi.zip file that you uploaded. It is not necessary to activate Divi as D Community will be our active theme. We will upload D Community next.

3.  Next unzip your D Community Full Download Package v1.0.0.zip folder. The install folder is inside. Install the d-community-THEME.zip file the same way as you did for Divi.


4. If everything went correctly WordPress will detect that you have installed Divi as the parent theme. You will now be able to activate the D Community child theme.

Install divi theme to get started

After we get our child theme installed and activated we will need to do the same for a few plugins. This is a relatively easy process as the plugins are grouped together on a single install page. No matter what page you are currently on you should see a prompt near the top saying… “This theme requires the following plugins:” Go ahead and click on the “Begin installing plugins” link.

We recommend that you activate and setup the plugins in the following order:

  1. BuddyPress
  2. Youzer
  3. D Child
  4. One Click Demo Import

A real quick but very IMPORTANT step. Setting your Permalinks properly insures that your Child Theme and Plugins will work correctly. This is a very simple process.

  1. Go to your WP admin area.
  3. From here simply check off POST NAME
  4. Then click SAVE
  5. You can follow the quick video included if you have any issues.

This is a quick run through of the BuddyPress plugin. This is an extremely powerful plugin that essentially gives you Facebook/Twitter style functionality for your WordPress powered website. If you are new to using BuddyPress or would just like to brush up on your knowledge have a closer look HERE

  1. After installation go to SETTINGS > BUDDYPRESS


2. Individual settings are up to you as the one using it. Everytime I have used         BuddyPress for myself or a client I always use all the items. For example if you click the “Components” tab I would add a checkmark beside every item.

3. We also check off all the items under the OPTIONS tab. The template pack wont matter as the Youzer plugin is going to take over the appearance and it is going to blow your mind when it does. We will get to that a little later.

4. BuddyPress should automatically make your directory pages. If it does not you can create them yourself. The default pages are: Members, Activity & Groups. The default registration pages are Register & Activate. You can call these pages anything you want as long as you update them here.

5. As I mentioned earlier there are a lot of places where you can learn about BuddyPress a quick Google search will show you that. Keep in mind however that we are using the incredible YOUZER plugin that works hand in hand with BuddyPress. More on that next.

A quick sample on how to update your avatar image. 1 of over 700 options with the Youzer plugin.

When I was asked by a customer to build him a WordPress Community using Divi I knew I would give Youzer a try. This plugin in absolutely amazing in appearance and functionality. You can build a Community Website that looks so professional no one will believe you made it yourself. While Youzer isn’t hard to use and learn there is a lot to learn as it is one of the most powerful plugins you will ever use for WordPress. I will go over the quick start here with you but I highly recommend you visit the Youzer Documents Quick Start page HERE. also be sure to checkout your Youzer Panel to try a few things out. It is located below your Divi menu item.

This is our own plugin and it only needs to be activated to work. It currently does not have any options for you but it does a lot. It activates our profile shortcode and several styling options. We are working on this plugin as we speak. As we expand our D Series of child themes for Divi we will be adding more features to this plugin.


[youzer_account_menu] – This is the top right profile shortcode. It can be used anywhere on the site. It will also display notifications and has a profile drop down menu (see image below)

This plugin allows you to upload the styles you see in our Tour Demo. It is very easy to use after it has been activated.



2. Look in your D Community Full Download Package v1.0.0 folder and find the “setup” file folder. There are 3 files in there. The easiest way to do this is just match the .xml .dat & .wie files to the “Choose File” buttons for each. After you have selected the 3 files click the big blue “IMPORT DEMO DATA” button and that’s it.

If you have been a member of Elegant Themes for any time at all you know they have fabulous Support and Instructions for their products. You can use any of their templates with our child theme. If you would like to use the page templates we created in our tour it is very easy to do.


2. Next click the PORTABILITY symbol in the top right corner

3. Now lets head back to our D Community Full Download Package v1.0.0 > D Templates > ALL > ALL-Templates.json

5. Now we just need to let Divi do it’s thing and upload all the templates. You also have the option to just upload specific templates if you don’t want to use them all. The individual templates are also included in the folder if you only want to use specific ones.

We have included a few bonus Divi Header/Footer bonus layouts. Just head back into your main folder and you will see a folder called “D LAYOUTS”. We will add more items from time to time as well.

Menu Icons – If you like the icons we use in the top left menu they are very easy to add. We included a file called “MENU ICON INSTRUCTIONS” in your main file folder.

We have created several shortcodes that you can use. As you probably already know page builders do not always work the greatest with BuddyPress templates. You have several options if you need to edit pages within the context of a BuddyPress page such as your Activity page. Remember that you can still use any Divi Header or Footer with these templates. You can also add custom content to the widgets in these pages.

If that isn’t enough not to worry we got you. Feel free to use the following shortcodes within any Divi template page. If you use the shortcodes you can use any Divi layouts with them.

EXAMPLE: Have a look at the MY ACTIVITY page we created for our tour. You can see we used a layout directly from the Divi Library of Layouts.

Here is a list of Shortcodes you can use…



We sincerely thank you for purchasing our Child Theme. You have likely just purchased the most versatile and powerful child themes you will ever come across for Divi. This child theme started as a simple request from one of our customers who wanted a Full Featured Community. Once we put the first one together we quickly had a bunch of requests especially when people found out we got it all working with Divi which has been a bit of hot topic when it came to Divi and BuddyPress and their inability to get along.

We have a bunch of plans for additional child themes for Divi. We will call them our D SERIES and we are really excited to get working on them. Stay Tuned.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.

We are working on a FULL ON SUPPORT section and it will be launched soon. In the meantime please email us for any issues. EMAIL US HERE